Stone Stairwell

This Stone Stairwell is on my morning walk up to the Garden. Each day this week I passed it hoping that the light would be perfect to allow me to capture the feelings it evokes in me, and each day I was thwarted, until today. Today the sun shone brightly and the slender trees lining the stairwell stood out in high relief against the darker ground.

Stone Stairwell

Culture and the Universe
By Simon J. Ortiz
Two nights ago
in the canyon darkness,
only the half-moon and stars,
only mere men.
Prayer, faith, love,
                       We are measured
by vastness beyond ourselves.
Dark is light.
Stone is rising.

I don’t know
if humankind understands
culture: the act
of being human
is not easy knowledge.

With painted wooden sticks
and feathers, we journey
into the canyon toward stone,
a massive presence
in midwinter.

We stop.
Lean into me.
                       The universe
sings in quiet meditation.

We are wordless:
                       I am in you.

Without knowing why
culture needs our knowledge,
we are one self in the canyon.
                                                                    And the stone wall
I lean upon spins me
wordless and silent
to the reach of stars
and to the heavens within.

It’s not humankind after all
nor is it culture
that limits us.
It is the vastness
we do not enter.
It is the stars
we do not let own us.

Simon Ortiz, “Culture and the Universe” from Out There Somewhere. Copyright © 2002 by Simon Ortiz. Reprinted by permission of University of Arizona Press.
Source: Out There Somewhere (University of Arizona Press, 2002)