Alberta Farm

Camping across Canada I arrived at this farm one afternoon. I was about five minutes ahead of the thunderstorms that day. The sense of scale, of land rolling along away from me for miles was heightened by seeing this silo at this distance. As I walked down the long road to the farm itself, I realized that this same silo was far bigger than I’d imagined from the main road. The grain silo towered over the entire farm as bug as an apartment building. it was so large and so out of scale that it took fully 20 minutes to understand how far way i had been when I had taken this picture from the roadside.

Alberta Farmfield

The Thunderstorm

The thunderstorm rolled across the sky like a symphony of drums.


The clouds pushed through each other as though racing for a finish line at the far edge of the mountaintops. First one darker and lower was in the lead, then a lighter, airier cloud soared ahead of the pack. they tumbled across, around and through each other speeding towards an imaginary end-post.

Thinking About Montana

Thinking about Montana, whilst driving through Vermont.


The clouds were racing against the sky, passing the mountains and shimmering over the lake. Wind blew strongly, lifting signposts and newspapers.
pushing little piles of discarded paper-cups into forgotten corners of buildings. The sky became a sea awash with roiling clouds and dust and bits of trees swirling ever upwards and away.

Snow Upon Reflection

Morning meditation has become a practice I enjoy. I do it walking around the beaver-pond across the street from my home. This morning there was snow in the mountains.
Funny what one notices when everything else is stillness.


Looking Upward

Walking the dog in the mornings provides an interesting meditation time. Often the world has not et awoken fully.
Light appears through trees in ways that surprise me each morning.


Edge of The Desert

I had never been to the desert before this trip to Arizona. The house was at the very edge. Tumbleweeds rolled through the yard when the wind blew. Strong enough to toss the lawn-chairs about the place. When it rained the scent of the Creosote bushes opened up in the world and I understood why people here spoke the word so fondly.

Arizona tryptich


The Azorean Lake

This view of a small lake in the Azores, on the island of Pico was so wonderfully quiet and peaceful that I wanted to stay for days.

Acores Lake_Panorama1


Stone Stairwell

This Stone Stairwell is on my morning walk up to the Garden. Each day this week I passed it hoping that the light would be perfect to allow me to capture the feelings it evokes in me, and each day I was thwarted, until today. Today the sun shone brightly and the slender trees lining the stairwell stood out in high relief against the darker ground.

Stone Stairwell


Last of The Snow

The last of the snow.